Serious Landing Page Blunders That Cost You Money

The lead capture page is very important–if not the most important component of your company’s website. It’s the first page that your site visitors will see as it flows in to your web site. This is where you put the groundwork you need to reach your targets. So what is a landing page?

You can make your lead capture page into anything you need it to be. You can use the page to gather email addresses before letting someone into your site to see the content. You can make it the primary page of your blog. You can use it for a sales page. This is the webpage that traffic flows in to so that you can introduce them to the rest of your work. There is certainly a great deal of freedom here. This means that there is also a great deal of room in which you can make many errors. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes you can make and exactly how you can prevent them.

1. Making a wreck of your title. Your title (or your headline) has to be able to grab your traffic’s interest. Headline and title writing are pretty complicated. If you can easily afford the expense, you must engage a pro copywriter to do the job for you. It is crucial that you keep your titles and headlines as straightforward as possible but you also have to ensure that they are compelling and descriptive too. If folks don’t like your headline there isn’t any way that they are going to proceed to the rest of your content. They will merely click out and read a different web page. So do the work so that you can get it perfect.

2. A lot of business people are creating landing pages that don’t look or operate any differently than the other pages that are on your site. When you’re a personal blogger, this works well as the landing page is often the first page of your weblog. As someone who is building a business, though, one of the best things you can do is set up your landing page so that you can truly get people’s interest.

3. Do not attempt to do far too much on your squeeze page. A lead capture page should have only one purpose. You get to pick what that target is. When you’re building a list, make your landing page’s whole function about obtaining a person’s information. If you want to sell something, your lead capture page ought to concentrate on the selling of that certain product. If you ask too much of the traffic flowing in to your page, all that could happen is that they are going to end up getting confused. You’re going to see a decrease in your conversion ratio as your traffic will not know what they need to be doing first. This makes them quite a bit very likely to click away.

4. Never disregard the basic aesthetics of good design. For whatever reason people think that the louder and flamboyant a landing page is, the more successful the page will be. You should not give in to peer pressure, even if it feels really tempting. If you don’t know about the fundamentals of design, engage a pro to help you get the job accomplished.

Just keep working. Don’t slack off on your squeeze page. Continue working on it!


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