3 Methods of Improving Your Media Buying and Campaigning Skills

Media buying is just as capable of costing you money as any other area of doing business or marketing. Funnily enough, this is the criticism lobbed at it most often. That, along with the fact that people don’t think it works or that people are blind to banners, etc. People who know the system, though, can make as much as seven figures in a month via media buying. Before you can get there, though, you need to be willing to get down in the trenches and learn a few things.

It is not uncommon to find a wonderful site that you want to advertise on and have them tell you that they are absolutely booked. Some people love finding themselves in this situation because it helps them figure out what other options they have. So when you find yourself here, try asking the owner if you might be able to run a smaller ad, like a button ad, on the site. Just talk to them and try to make the best impression possible and ask if they might still be able to fit you in somewhere. Obviously you understand that the best spaces are taken by now but it is still possible, once in a while, to get these sites to fit you in someplace or other. They’re running ads to make money–money that you want to spend. When this is the only option for you, they should charge you less. Make sure you speak up if the rate is the same but the location is much less desirable. Save money by working with smaller networked websites. The rates are lower and they can get substantial traffic that looks attractive. So you buy some space and feel pretty good about yourself. The possible problem here is that a lot of the sites, like adult sites and other sites you might want to avoid, also make media buys on these kinds of sites. This means that your ads will be placed among sites for adult related sites and others you might not like. You genuinely do not want to have this happen because it can make a terrible impression on web users. Basically you’re just going to be branding your site as being in line with those others and you may not want to do that to yourself. Talk to the network before you buy from them and either make other arrangements or move on to another network.

It is very common for newbies that are doing media buys for the first time to make critical mistakes. The mistake is basically spending too much money on their very first media buy. When you tell people that you bought a “media buy”, it sounds like you’re really rolling in the dough. Usually this ends up in failure, which is not what you want to do. Starting with banner creatives, and then going to copy on the banner, you can begin to test many different things. Don’t spend too much time, or cash, within a site until you see what their performance levels are. You may end up with a terrible website, that has awful traffic. It’s just going to happen. Figuring out where the bad traffic is should be done with the lowest amount of outlay that you can. The things we’ve talked about here are just some of the different techniques you can use for smarter media buying. They are used by people who are actively buying all of the time. It isn’t something expensive so there isn’t any reason for you to not get involved.


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